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Better Safe than Sorry

courtesy Lily Dozier

Each year as prom rolls around, high school students all over the country get exhilarated with the thrill of going out with friends on one of the most hyped-up nights of the school year. Students dream about this night for years, and as it comes up they spend every last minute planning for the perfect night out, including what they will wear, who they are going with and where they will eat. After all the major details are planned, students start planning about what to do after prom. Prom afterparties are a huge thing that most students like to attend, but these events often come with risks.

According to Promises Treatment Center, “approximately 300 teens have died in alcohol-related traffic accidents during prom weekends over the past several years.”  teenagers think going out and getting drunk is the way to have a good time, but in reality, it just leads to death. There are so many other ways students could be out having fun with their friends. Options include stopping for food or even activities such as bowling. All students should do something that does not involve drug abuse, and the students who do drink should have a designated driver. If no one is capable of driving, do not be afraid to call a parent that will drive people. Promises Treatment Center says, “More than 85% of teens say they or their peers are likely to drive impaired instead of calling their parents for help because they are afraid of getting in trouble.” Please do not be naive and think that just because someone says that they are a good driver that it means they can drive under the influence. A punishment is better than one’s life being taken for an easily avoidable mistake. Senior Emily Rem says “we have a bus taking us, so if anyone does drink we don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.” Getting a ride already planned is very smart because even if drinking is not planned it could happen and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Every year it has become a tradition at Camas High School for there to be a Prom assembly, and at this assembly, history teacher Bronk Williams gave a very inspiring speech about the importance of safe driving. Williams says, “with something missing, it is really easy for it to not feel right. So when Monday rolls around, don’t be the missing piece that makes it not feel right. So please make smart decisions.”

All students please enjoy the prom, but remember that the most important people are every individual person so please be careful and be safe and do not make regrettable decisions. The school would like to see all students’ beautiful faces on Monday morning.

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