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History Made on the Field

Holding the record for goals scored at Camas High School, Maddie Kemp keeps rolling along with her passion. In her high school career, she has scored up to 143 goals; including her 53 amazing goals her senior year. Aside from being a scoring machine, she was voted the All-Region girls soccer player of the year, that is an incredible goal to achieve.

To add, when Maddie was a freshman she was titled to all-4A Greater St. Helens League second team. While just getting started, as a sophomore; she was on the team that won the 4A state title. To end her high school career, as both a junior and senior was when she was the All-Region player of the year. Soccer plays a big chunk of her entire life, and Maddie is continuing to pursue soccer at Gonzaga University after she graduates this June.

What have been your major achievements as an athlete?
“Being named the best soccer player in the state of Washington 2 years in a row was a huge accomplishment for me, and being named a three-time all-American (sophomore, junior and senior year) was an even larger accomplish as well. But I would say the two things I will cherish the most and always see as one of our, and my biggest accomplishments, was our state championship junior sophomore year, and my participation in the high school all American game in Orlando Florida, also it was amazing that I could be the only freshman on varsity and going the final four all four years.”

How many years have you pursued soccer, and what are your long term and short term goals?

“I have been playing soccer since I was 5 (13.5 years), and my short term goals are to be as strong and fit as I have ever been going into freshman year, I want to be

one of the best freshman in the WCC, and one of the best forwards in the WCC. Long term I’m hoping I can get drafted into the WPSL, and have a successful career and education in college.”

What are your main motivations to push yourself harder and participate strongly in soccer?

“I wanna do it for myself, I wanna be the best for myself and I wanna be the best for my teammates and coaches; I want people to look up to me.  But I want to make myself proud, I want to succeed, I want to go far, and I want my parents to be proud, I want to succeed for them as well; everyone around me deserves the best I can give them so that’s why I push myself.” 

In your whole life, who has pushed you the hardest; and have been your biggest supporters?

“I would say outside of my school, teammates and coaches; it would be my mom, dad, brother (who is 3 years older than me) and best friend. I owe Minder & Tom a huge thank you, because there is not a day that goes by where they do not have confidence in me and support me 100%. Outside of them though, my family has rooted for me since the day I picked up a soccer ball, and I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without them; especially my dad who has been there on my greatest days and my worst. Not to forget my best friend who is a current Sophomore starting defender at University of Portland, Ellie is there for me by choice every game and every day, on and off the field she is always rooting for me and that is one of the most important things to me. I could not do it without them.”


The history that Maddie Kemp made at Camas High School will never be blown over, and her records that were broke will not be forgotten.

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