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Must-Know Prom Information

Prom is coming up quickly, but what do students need to know to ensure they can attend and be involved?

Tickets are on sale this week (3/25-3/29) for $20 at the ASB window. They will be on sale the week after spring break (4/8-4/11) for $25. Lines get really long, so students are advised not to wait!

Students are required to fill out a dance pass before they are allowed to purchase tickets, even if they do not have a guest.

When it comes to being involved, ASB is beginning with Spirit Runs: This Friday (3/29) and the Friday after spring break (4/12), Leadership students will be hopping into classrooms during 1st period to spark school spirit and get everyone excited for prom! However, if teachers do not want students coming into their classrooms, they are able to put up signs or let Mr. Fox know in advance and those classes will be skipped.

On Friday 3/29, Spirit Week themes will be announced!

After second period on Friday 4/12, there will be a prom assembly. The class bell schedule on that day is as follows:

Period 0         7:32-8:25 (Normal)
Period 1         8:40-9:30 (50 Min)
Period 2          9:35-10:25 (50 Min)

Assembly 10:30-11:10 (40 Min)
Period 3          11:15-12:05 (50 Min)

A Lunch          12:05-12:35 (30 Min)
4th Period-A   12:40-1:30 (50 Min)
4th Period-B   12:10-1:00 (50 Min)

B Lunch          1:00-1:30 (30 Min)
Period 5         1:35-2:25 (50 Min)
Period 6           2:30-3:20 (50 Min)

with no maker time.

Lastly, prom itself is on Saturday, April 13th. It is located at Left Bank Annex in Portland, OR.

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