Camas Clubs Senior Project Spotlight

Be The Change Club

Do not doubt that a small group of citizens can help to change the world. Even if it is just a small group of high school students. Last year a student attended Challenge day, and was inspired to help be a change and spread love and acceptance through our community. He decided to start a club called Be The Change. It was a great idea but not many people joined.

This year Seniors Amie Beld and Skylar Becerra have decided to take over the club, with Counselors Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Casteel as the advisors.  “Amie and Skylar have been partnering with small business and lots of clubs, getting student involvement” said Richardson. Amie and Skylar are doing an amazing job with the club this year, they are getting so much student involvement. According to Beld “We got a large membership by promoting on social media and spreading the word around the school as much as we could.”

“Skylar Becerra and I wanted to take over the club because we were able to get students who care just as much about kindness as we do and wanted to help create a kinder environment at Camas” said Beld. These girls are taking a huge part in changing the Camas environment, they have a drive to change the world even if it is just in a small way. 

Amie is also working on her Senior Project at the moment. She has chosen to do a Kindness Campaign. Her project is the campaign to bring students and the community in union. Her goal is to spread acts of Kindness throughout the community. Be The Change Club is all about spreading kindness and giving back to the community and so is her senior project. Amie said, “the club relates so much to my senior project, it asks as a way to help engage high school students into the “Keep it Kind” campaign”.

Join the Be The Change Club to help spread a loving and kind environment the club meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, if you have any further questions about the club and what it is contact either Amie Beld or Skylar Becerra. Or you can talk to one of the advisors Mrs. Richardson or Mrs. Casteel.

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