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Shift In Security

The security at Camas High school is always trying to make different upgrades to ensure the safety of their students throughout the school year. As security staff member Sean Tamura put it, “the safety of our students is our number one priority.”

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Staff and students weighed in on the recent security upgrades.  Tamura shared what modifications have been added and also talked about how students have evolved since he has been at CHS.

He said, ”This last year the school added electric powered golf carts which have been very useful.  It allows us to cruise through the parking lot instead of having to walk the entire thing.”

He elaborated on the fact that vaping has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, especially this past year and they have had to take different precautions because of it.

Some students shared how the evolution of the security staff has played a big role in keeping the school a safer place.

CHS Junior Jared King said, ”It makes me feel like I can walk the halls of the school with comfort knowing our security puts our safety first by advancing their tech and other tools through the years.”

Other students believe the impact of security advancing and adding new modifications has not advanced the performance in any way.

CHS Sophomore Blake Bell said, ”I see how the school has added golf carts and other things to try to higher their performances. However, I have not really seen any impact by any of it.”

Other students shared what they would like to see from the security staff, just something that would make CHS even safer.

Sophomore Christian Lenard said, ”I think adding some sort of identification card for students would enhance the safety or making backpacks clear so there is no suspicion whatsoever.”

Staff and students reflected on the rumors that occurred last week of a student transporting a firearm to school through a backpack. These accusations were confirmed.

An anonymous security staff member said, ”These reports actually occurred a few months ago, a few students came forward and showed some distress towards another student’s actions in class. This student was searched by the security staff and there was no concluding evidence of the student carrying any sort of firearm.”

Teachers also were impacted by the rumors and shared their thoughts on the accusations.

CHS Math Teacher Lori Leighton said, ”Teachers don’t really know much. I actually heard about it through students.”

Students also have a large impact on the spreading of rumors and some students shared what they heard even.

CHS Junior Caden Koranda said, ”I heard from someone that there was some student on campus that was armed and I was kind of freaked out for a second by that.”

Other students did not feel the need to panic and knew right from the get-go of hearing the rumors that they were misleading.

Bell said, ”I did not believe the rumors being spread because I knew there would have to be a lot more students knowing if that was the case.”

CHS has changed with the safety and security of students and staff members is how lockdown and evacuation drills have advanced. In previous years students evacuated into one area, the football field. Students were getting stuck and unable to get into line in a short period of time. In a real scenario, there would not be enough time for the students to evacuate into such a small area. This year a new form of evacuation has taken place. Each teacher has been assigned to an area outside so students are not trapped in one area.

“For me, I don’t have to walk as far. It’s more convenient. I don’t have the trafficking problem anymore, because my area is closer to my classroom,” Leighton said.

A few weeks ago, a person was found roaming the halls. Other staff members thought it was just another teacher or substitute. It was later discovered this was not the case. Because of this issue teachers are now required to wear badges when they leave their classrooms at all times.

CHS Biology and Forensics teacher Ali Coker said, “I don’t mind [wearing the badges]. The school I came from, before working at Camas, everyone, including students were required to wear them.” 

This could raise a question with all the students and staff members: will students eventually get badges to carry around the school?

CHS Junior Katelyn Lape said, “I don’t think that it would be such a bad thing for the school. I think the identification system would go a lot faster for people.”

With new technology such as new golf carts and a new system of evacuation, changes are already emerging. Hopefully, students and staff attending CHS can keep seeing more changes as the years go on.

All in all, if students or staff see or have seen any suspicious activity going on at the high school, feel free to speak to security to ensure full security of CHS.

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