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Lyndsie Moon Recreates Cinderella’s Gown

Lyndsie Moon, a senior at Camas High School decided to take on a complicated creation, and recreate the beautiful gown from Disney’s live Cinderella movie. Before Lyndsie thought about this unique project, she wanted to do a volunteer group because she already had about 50 hours of volunteering at her old school. After the first idea did not work out, she came across the thought of job shadowing a teacher; sadly, that did not work out either. “I found out that this school doesn’t allow you to miss any school for our projects,” Lyndsie explains.

The dress from the movie is a very volumized gown that is full of many shiny blue layers. The volume of the gown is what really makes it stand out; even though it calls for a lot of effort and time, the final product will be amazing. “The more volume the better,” Lyndsie says.

First, Lyndsie will begin with the petticoat, which gives the dress most of the bulky volume. This part of the project will take the most time. “The first thing I’ll need to complete is the petticoat. That is the piece that will give the dress the volume it needs, and take up most time. Right now there’s about 80 yards of fabric that will need to be sewn into it.” Lyndsie has almost enough fabric from the petticoat to cover a football field. After all the use of that fabric, Lyndsie will need around 4 more different kinds of fabric and little crystals for the skirt, which is what will give the dress the magnificent shine and amazing color, just like the original gown. Eventually, after all those layers are finished, Lyndsie will begin the bodice which also calls for about three layers of fabric to give it that flawless look. The bodice is the close-fitting upper part of the dress that can bring the dress together. “Once each piece is finished, I’ll have to make sure they all fit together right and add hooks to connect the bodice to the skirt,” Lyndsie adds.

Lyndsie came across this unique project idea from the inspirations of different cosplayers. People are really talented from the costumes they make, and that is how Lyndsie got influenced. Also, on her time off, Lyndsie participates in cosplaying, so that sparked her idea of this project as well. “I’m a cosplayer, so I really enjoy creating costumes and showing them off to friends.” Cosplaying is the practice of dressing up like a character from a movie, book, or even video game.

With all the layers and details put into the gown, it is going to be a challenge, especially since Lyndsie has never done a task this big when it comes to costume designing. “I’ve been sewing for five years now and my biggest project was creating a headless horseman costume for a play I was in, which is extremely different than this.” Lyndsie is hoping to get her gown done by senior boards, but “of course there is a possibility that won’t happen.” At the very latest, Lyndsie wants her project done by July. Finally, when it is complete, the one of a kind dress is going to be displayed, along with pictures of the gown throughout her process. This dress, with all the time and effort, put into it, it is going to be amazing to view!

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