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Taekwondo: The Art of Self Defense

Finding a means of exercise may be simple, but often leads to the same dead end. Either through dull workouts or lack of equipment, being active can prove both difficult and downright boring. Plus, until one sees results, they may begin to feel discouraged to continue giving their all. However, here at Camas there is a pleasant workaround that is able to provide everyone with engaging exercises that surpass all complications. This being Tristan Cobb’s Taekwondo class, taught each day during Maker Time in the mat/wrestling room.

Taekwondo is more than just a form of fitness. The art of Taekwondo teaches self-defense, great discipline over one’s self and helps develop a strong center of balance, along with getting a summer body. Stepping out of standard workouts such as push up, sit ups, etc., Taekwondo gives students something that doesn’t feel like tedious exercise. Instead, they are presented with skills they may use every day; in school or their career, or in times of conflict whether they be an emotional or physical confrontation.

Tristan Cobb, the Taekwondo instructor at Camas High, has been teaching for roughly a year now. He started teaching students ages 3-8. 

When asked if any prior experience is necessary, Cobb responded, “Honestly none. You can be the most flexible person in the world or the least.”

Regarding the benefits of Taekwondo, Cobb states, “Taekwondo has multiple benefits. You can tone your body, gain confidence,” all without discomfort.

Each session starts with stretching every inch of their body, head to toe while counting in Korean. Of course, no one needs to know Korean prior to attending a session. After each student has stretched, new students are taught basic procedures used when practicing Taekwondo. From there, the options are vast. The day may consist of kicks, punches, blocking, or all three combined into sequences that may be applied in real-world situations.

All of that may sound overwhelming, so it is reassuring to know that the instructor is extremely focused on where each individual student of his is strong, and always knows a way of helping them when they struggle. Not to mention, this class itself is rather laid back. One will definitely learn plenty of Taekwondo, but they’ll never be pressured to be perfect.

In retrospect, Taekwondo is an excellent form of exercise that is fit for anyone, requiring no prior knowledge nor any equipment. Only their mind and body are necessary to engage in the art. If anyone finds themselves interested, check it out! Every day, in the mat/wrestling room, at maker time. Passes are available from Cobb or from Kristi Bridges.

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