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The Benefits of Internships

Internships are not always the most talked about subject between students; however, they are there. The most common club at Camas High School that regularly takes part in internships is the Magnet club.

Some of the benefits for students include “Real world experience, applying [the students] book knowledge and what they learned inside the classroom into what they might actually be doing when they graduate…” Mrs. Brianna Abraham, a teacher here at Camas High School, commented. By getting the students out of the classroom, they can increase their communication skills. The difference between Job shadowing and internships is that with internships, students can be hands-on with their mentors which is not always the case with shadowing. With this hands-on experience, students can grow and learn far faster and more accurately than in a classroom setting.
The best way for a student to get an internship is to have a cover letter and resume ready for the manager when the student first goes to meet them, in addition to a resume the student could also think about what they would like to say to the interviewer. Abraham gave this outline of things students should think about explaining to their interviewers, “I’m interested in an internship, these are my skills, this is why I am looking at your company, do you have anything available?”
The best way to find an internship is through networking “you ask people you know because they’re more likely to agree to try out an internship with you even if they’ve never done it.” the safest and most effective way a student can find an internship is through their acquaintances. This method is safer because of the mutual connection and is easier because the student’s acquaintance can vouch for the student seeing as they know them.
An internship is an excellent way for a student to get to understand better what it is like to work under someone as well as a better feel for a job that they would like to pursue in the future without having to commit full time.

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