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Black Student’s Union: Returns To Camas

A new start to an old club here at Camas is the Black Student’s Union. This group is a group of students of all cultures and ethnicities to come and learn about the life and experiences of being a black student at Camas.  

A few years ago, the club was in action and was making a difference for the school, but once its senior-based authority graduated, the club was out of luck and was put to an end.

The restart of the club was authorized by its organizer Mr. Brian Witherspoon who says that the club is a place for students to talk about some of the issues for black students at school and in the community. Keeping in mind the goal of making Camas more inclusive and inviting to all people.

Courtesy. Isaiah Sampson

Senior, Isaiah Sampson talks about how his vision for the club is to bring all students together, providing a place for students to talk about things going on in their life along with hanging out with the other students and getting to know them better.

At the moment the club has only one meeting due to weather conditions, so there are not many people yet. But absolutely everyone can join and become part of the team.

The club has many different and interesting events, for example, a discussion of questions of interest to participants on various topics. Invitation to guests from other schools so that they share their experiences and give advice. In the future, there is a high probability of expanding the group throughout the district and holding more regular meetings to support the club.

As said, this club is open for anybody that is interested. Anyone who is interested in seeing change in the school can join.

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