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A Look Into Cascadia Tech. Academy

Hoping to go into a certain job field right after high school and get to work? Need skills to get a job? Cascadia Tech. Academy might be something to consider.

Cascadia Tech. Information

Cascadia Tech. Academy, previously known as the Skill Center, has a lot to offer for its students. In the words of Mrs. Sarah Warta, a counselor, “Cascadia Tech. is basically kids learning skills and trades in areas where they could potentially get jobs.” Their job is to help kids get a feel for what the job is like, help them see if they want to go into that job or not. If they do, they give them the best chance they can give to get into that field. They’ll bring in people already in that job to show them what it’s like from their perspective on how the job works and even network with them.

There is quite a range of possible courses to take as well, from aviation, cosmetology, criminal justice, and even culinary practices. There are dozens of choices with every single one of them being beneficial for anyone who is interested.

Cascadia Tech. has its own website to show all of this and try to get new people to join. Just looking at a brochure or the website can still make it tough to make a decision, but luckily, Cascadia often gives tours of the facility. If unsure, give it a go and see what it’s like.  

They house students from 29 schools and have a variety of options for everyone. Cascadia is flexible with its students as well. They’ll do their best to help out any struggling student and wish to meet everyone’s needs. Attendance is important to Cascadia, so if interested, that’s something to keep in mind.

When students were asked about what they know about Cascadia, there were positive answers. Michela Potratz, senior, said, “It’s better than high school classes, they teach you specific stuff about your dream job.” Another student, Ashlynn Burgener, junior, said, “They teach students useful skills for the work force for jobs that they’re interested in!” 

All in all, Cascadia has a lot to offer with dozens of great programs that can teach students how to enter a field right after high school. Check it out if it’s an interest, it might be better than expected.

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