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Junk or Info: College Emails and Letters

Colleges are always looking to promote how to pick the best college for students. They advertise anything that they can to intrigue students to use the username and password they provide.

The emails colleges send have links where students can go to get information on which college would be best for them. “These can help you search for colleges by major, location, size of school, and other factors. These sites can be a good place to start if you are not sure where you want to go,” says counselor Mrs. Elizabeth Rollman.

Every email usually “… start off with, ‘we’re so excited for an amazing student like you…’ and continue to flutter and pretend they know you while including small facts about their campus, however, they don’t usually talk too much about what they specialize in or what students who go there think of the school. I think it would give me a better perspective if it was written by a student at the school,” is what Sophomore Grace Ireland has to say about the emails. Sophomore Trevor Higdon says the emails he gets are “…usually about tips on how to succeed in college and a little bit about the things I can do at the college.” Higdon has received emails from: “…Eastern Washington, WSU, Hamline University, and Liberty University.” 

Most students don’t know what to do when they get emails and letters from the colleges. The students don’t know if they should respond or just do nothing. Rollman recommends “…you look at the emails from the colleges that you are interested in” to see what they have to offer and the information those colleges provide. All these emails are about what those colleges have to offer and information about their campus.

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