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Model UN Taking Off for Seattle

Model United Nations, a popular club at Camas High School, is working hard to prepare for the state conference in Seattle. 

The advisor, Mr. Hicks says,  “Model United Nations is a student organization that is devoted to better understand the United Nations.” Students attend conferences to try and do that. The conferences represent the United Nations meetings. At the conferences, students receive a country to represent and make resolutions. 

Along with receiving a country students also receive a committee to be on. Some of those committees are General Assembly and Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space, United Nations Human Rights Council, International Court of Justice, and the Security Council. Within those committees, you get assigned topics which is the problem you will focus on during the conference.

Students learn different things from Model UN. “I have learned a decent amount from Model United Nations like finding good sources, how to meet a deadline, as well as getting into the mindset of a country that lets me see other points of view,” says Sophomore Nathan Burton.

They also get to practice public speaking in a less stressful environment. At the conferences, students get a chance to go up in front of there committee and state the position of your country and your idea to the solution.

All those who are interested in Model UN should have certain qualities. Mr. Hicks says, “Being interested in the wider world, that’s important. Being willing to meet and interact with new people…It’s also really important that you have a level of maturity and ability to manage yourself if you are going to go on an overnight field trip for a full weekend.“ 

The Model UN Club has mainly raised funds this year. They do this by doing concessions at cross country, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling games.  They also have been getting ready for the conference by writing position papers on their assigned countries.

Anyone interested in joining Model UN should contact Mr. Hicks.

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