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Show Some Love with CHS Clubs

“Who is your Valentine?” — it’s the question students could answer in a myriad of ways this year at Camas High School. That’s because this year a number of clubs at CHS are getting in on the Valentine’s Day action.

One club, the FCCLA is providing a service what they call the “I’ve got a crush on you”. This service allows students (and staff) to purchase a $2 can of Orange Crush to be delivered (with a note) to their special someone on Valentine’s Day.

The FCCLA stands for Family, Career & Community Leaders of America. The club according to leader Jill Fuller, “meet[s] once a month to find a need in our school or community in which [they] can assist, support, or lend [their] service.” Although the FCCLA only has 40 members, they “fill foster boxes for needy youth and teens in [the Camas] community” . . . host “annual Parent’s Night out where staff members can drop off their children and we will play and watch them while they have a date night out . . . lend assistance to the Camas elementary schools in the spring for their school carnivals . . . have volunteers at the Camas Plant and Garden Fair in the kids’ zone . . . [make] “thinking of you” care packages for CHS students that have suffered a death close to them to show support and love”, and “[make] cookies and other treats for the CHS staff members”, Fuller explains.

This is the first year of the “I’ve got a crush on you” campaign, but years past the club has made “LOVE rocks and spread them around the school and in the community”, shares Fuller. By providing this service, she hopes to “raise awareness for our club, have a fun way for students (and staff) to show LOVE and appreciation to one another, and to raise money to buy club T-shirts.”

Fuller emphasizes that students should “Buy [their] can to show THE LOVE!” in order to raise awareness for the FCCLA, influence staff and students to appreciate each other, and raise money for club T-shirts.

It is not just FCCLA getting in on the fun. The Camas High School Choir is once again selling Valentine’s Day serenades, which they’ve been doing for nearly a decade.

In the eighth year of performing Singing Valentines, the choir faces a new obstacle of filling all of their orders. This is because of a shortened 4th period due to a late start. Choir teacher, Mr. Chessin wants to make music “a regular part of life: for my students, their families, and our community” – something that serenades definitely succeed at. “The singing serenade is a worldwide tradition that we can tap into and re-introduce into CHS life”, he adds.

Chessin’s goal with the Singing Valentines is to “bring people joy, offer an opportunity for people to safely express genuine caring and appreciation”, as well as “integrate music into daily life at CHS.”

Buy either of these two gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, favorite teacher, friend, or crush to give them a Valentine’s Day gift they will remember forever.



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