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Class of 2019: Countdown to June Fourteenth

It is that time of year again: second semester is the time when seniors start looking forward to graduation and their futures after high school. ‘Senioritis’ is the term usually thrown around when seniors start to lose any focus but getting to the finish line.  

Most students will be looking way ahead, past all of a handful of upcoming important dates, and instead, look straight to graduation. “I am definitely ready to graduate. I plan on going to a four-year university next year,” Senior Jimmy Peebles said about his future.

Now that the second semester has started, there are many key events coming up that are specifically for seniors before graduation. It all starts with Senior + Mother Tea on May 22nd, then the culmination of a year-long project occurs: the Senior Board presentations will be on June fourth through seventh.

After that, the final stretch becomes very simple. Seniors must clean out their lockers by June 10th and finals for periods four, five, and six on June 11th followed by periods one, two, three on the 12th, as well as the senior picnic. Senior + Father Breakfast, cap and gown distribution, and a memory walk will occur on June 13t

Getting closer, there are two different practices for the commencement; one will also be on the 13th of June as well as one the morning just before the real thing.

Finally, on June 14th, the class of 2019 will officially be graduated from Camas High School and on to the rest of their lives. “Graduation means I can finally move on with my life and be independent,” Senior Gavin Gregory explained his feelings of graduation.

Graduation is a huge event in the lives of high school students; it means they get a gateway to the workforce or it opens a door to attend college and go further in education. No matter which path the students choose to go down, their diplomas will always stay with them in life.

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