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Small Business Revolution in Camas?

Camas has been voted to be in the top ten towns to be featured on the show Small Business Revolution. Camas was nominated by Maria Gonser, who is the owner of the Attic Gallery, which is also located in Downtown Camas. The show has been searching for a town to focus on for season four, and Camas has passed the top ten and now its narrowed to top six. Now Camas waits for America to choose a winning town to be aired for the season.

Garrett Gray, a ninth grader, says, “Camas would be the perfect fit for a makeover, most of Downtown has been the same look for a long time, and it calls for a makeover.” Once one of the ten towns gets chosen, the show picks five small businesses, and gives them a makeover of a lifetime worth up to $500,000.

At first, the show had around 12,000 nominated cities, and now it is about to end with Camas in the top ten. “It’s crazy that the town that we live in, made the top ten out of thousands of cities, and also its crazy that Camas can be on a TV show.”

Downtown Camas is valued by a majority of the citizens in Camas, and the fact that it can get a whole new makeover makes the people of Camas excited. The winner of the makeover will be revealed late February, and if Camas wins, there is a lot to look forward to. Not only will Camas be remodeled, but also it can bring new people.

Mr. Zak Webb, a math teacher at Camas High School, quotes; “Anytime there’s a small town, like Camas, and there’s a renovation then it will attract more business.” Business owners located in Camas, cross their fingers and hope for Camas to win so that they can see the new renovations that will be added to Camas. With a touch of tools and the right construction, Camas has a probability to wind in more people, and develop into a more popular destination.   

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