Camas Local School Senior Project Spotlight

500 Trees for 500 Seniors

At CHS a motto of “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire,” is present in the lives of students and staff. This phrase helped influence a plan to plant a tree for every senior of the 2019 graduating class.

This project was an idea to involve students in order to leave their mark at Camas through planting trees. Not only was this task planned by teachers but is also part of Ryan Tolliver’s Senior Project. One planting day has already taken place on December 14th and more will take place throughout the year.

Courtesy. Alixandra Coker

Mr. Steve Marshall, Director of Educational Resources, shared, “The topics of sustainability and climate change are serious and they are daunting.  As with every big challenge, the solution lies somewhere in a mixture of vision, leadership, and activism.”

The project of the Senior Tree Planting met the goals of the CHS Green Team Club. This meant that Mrs. Alixandra Coker, teacher and Green Team advisor, became involved. “I was approached with the idea by Mr. Marshall, I helped organize students, get social media presence, organized a donation drive with the help of students, and some of the other minor details,” she shared.

For the class of 2019, these trees will represent them in the City of Camas for many years to come. No matter where they go in life, they will always be remembered for as long as the trees stand tall. To make the tree planting more special for the seniors, each one was given a plastic tag to write their name on, which are hanging on the trees. The trees are there to represent the class of 2019 in a big way in Camas.

2019 is a very special class full of potential to do great things in life. The next graduating class will have to wait and see what they will do to cement their names into the great city we call home.

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