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Getting To Know Tim Fox

Tim Fox is the assistant principal here at Camas High School, he helps around the school with day to day work. As the assistant principal, he evaluates teachers around the school and oversees ASB “All the clubs and activities, from a financial perspective but also a program perspective” He also helps kids from the last name O-Z.

Fox has lived all over the place, but he considers San Diego his home city where he grew up. Fox was born in the Philippines, then moved to southern California, then again he and his family were moving all over the place. Fox spent 10 years of his life overseas, and then when he was around 17 years old he joined the military.

Fox started his college career here, going to Clark College with a goal of going to Portland State and to be an urban planner, but that plan fell through because of some complications at that moment. Fox got sent to Iraq and that changed the course of his career; when he came back he became a coach for football and he said he “fell in love with working with kids.” Before Mr. Fox was an administrator, he was a teacher in middle school and high school. Also what means most to him is his family and friends and this provided an easier opportunity to spend time with them.

Tim Fox has been around the Clark County area for a while now, with his favorite thing about the area being the easy access to nature and the outdoors; coming from somewhere with no rain at all it is still a challenge for him to adapt to. Tim loves sports and being at all of the sports games for the school. Mr. Fox does a lot for the school to keep it safe and respectful.

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