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The CHS College and Career Fair

The annual Camas High School College and Career Fair is just around the corner on Wednesday, February 6, from 5 PM – 7:30 PM. They will have 47 colleges, gap year programs, Military, and apprenticeship program representatives. The fair portion is from 5:00 to 6:30. From 6:30 to 7:30 they have 8-9 workshops planned. These workshops are going to talk about testing, dual credit, graduation requirements, essay writing, apprenticeships, how to pay for college, and more.  

Students and parents can benefit from going to the College and Career Fair. They both can get their questions answered and learn some seniors in February already know where they are going to go but this would be a good time to talk with representatives and get questions answered. Mrs. Amira Onuoha, the Career Specialist at Camas High School, says, “We all know May Day, May 1st, is when you send your money and confirm whatever school you are want to go to, but this may be the only time you meet with them face to face and get many of your questions answered.“

Colleges keep track of how many times students contact them. If they are not sure about a student, then colleges will include who contacted them and that will help them decided whether to accept that student or not.

If students don’t go to the career fair then students can learn about careers and colleges by going online to websites and asking Mrs. Onuoha in the career center.

In the career center they meet with juniors and seniors about after high school plans, college, apprenticeship, and military representatives come to speak, host workshops, help with finding scholarships, SAT/ACT sign up, looking for jobs, helping with college applications, job interview skills, work on the Common App, and more.

Onuoha has a lot of connections and resources that she is willing to share. She says “I think students know I am here but they don’t know what I do. Once they kind of realize that I’m here and I’m accessible and they don’t have to walk through these things alone, then I would be a great resource.”

Senior Kennadee Cuff says “she helped me with FAFSA and scholarships, she was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed.”

Overall the College and Career Fair is a great place to get questions answered and the career center can help students and parents in multiple ways.

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