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Raging on the Streets

Road rage is something everyone can relate to. Nowadays, the source of all the road rage is targeted towards teens. With the brand new license and not much driving experience, it’s not unreasonable for this statement to be thrown around. 

Areas that road rage is more prominent are in places that are slow ironically enough. Road rage can happen on or off the road, whether it’s in a parking lot or on the freeway. “Normally when I have road rages, it’s usually around or in the parking lot.” Kaeli Daniels, a junior at CHS explains.

Some of the major reasonings for people getting so angry on the road are the following: tail-gating, slow driving, cutting them off, almost hitting another car, getting angry at another person for no reason (i.e. honking, angry gestures and yelling). “Some moran doesn’t know how to drive and rides up somebody’s tail which annoys them because they’re going the speed limit. Also, the moran usually hits another car in the school parking lot.” Quinn Carret a junior at CHS states. Usually, when someone gets mad as well it can cause a chain reaction of people getting angry at each other.

Generally, road rage is something everyone can understand. Whether you’ve seen someone getting angry at someone who cut them off, or you got angry yourself from that same situation. “The road can be a nice quiet experience but then there are those idiots that don’t respect the rules of the road or just don’t know it ruins that time by stressing you out with bad driving around you.” Carret states.

If a driver ever feels their blood boil, they just need to remember to take a deep breath and try to hold in the mean gestures and words.

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