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Tragedy struck the heart of Camas during Winter Break when a scuba diving accident in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico took the lives of two Camas locals. 57-year-old Tom Dyehouse and his son Graeme, 27, both died during a scuba diving tour. The Dyehouse family have been part of the Camas community for many years and it shows in their day to day lives.

Cheryl Dyehouse, wife and mother to the deceased, works at CHS as a paraeducator helping students succeed at school. Tom Dyehouse worked as the medical director for Legacy Medical Group Family Wellness in Vancouver. He worked with his company for over 16 years. All four of their grown sons attended and graduated from Camas High, including Graeme.

Dyehouse family
Courtesy. GoFundMe

Throughout this time of sorrow the community of Camas has the opportunity to come together and helps its own. Recently, a GoFundMe page was started to help raise money for the family and to help “support Graeme’s younger brothers: Keegan, Conner, and Brennan,” the website shares.

Not only is there a GoFundMe page, but the community also has a Facebook page titled “Team Dyehouse” in which the community is able to come together to share their support for the family. Members of the community are also able to use this page as a place to share stories of Tom and Graeme.

Furthermore, there has been support off of the internet and social media as well. As English teacher Mr. Joe Farland says, “at the [funeral] service, the place was packed. It was standing room only- you couldn’t have fit another person in the seats there.” He said it was “one of the best services” he has been to, and that it was “really impactful.” Farland added that he could see that their church community was incredibly supportive as well.

Courtesy. Lily Dozier

At school, child development teacher Mrs. Jill Fuller added a box to the main office where staff members can write “love messages” that will go to Cheryl Dyehouse and her son Brennan in this trying time.

As Superintendent Jeff Snell states, “any time there is a tragedy, you can see great examples of the community coming together. It was no different in this situation, as staff and students contributed to supporting the family. The Dyehouse family exemplifies what it means to be a part of a community. They have always demonstrated a commitment to others and a spirit of service. You’re seeing our community trying to give back to them in support.”

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