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Get to Know: Zak Webb

Mr. Zak Webb is an algebra teacher at Camas High. Connecting with students by using his sense of humor and sarcasm. All the students in his class enjoy the light and fun environment that he creates for learning. Along with his teaching, he is one one of the baseball coaches during the spring season. He answered a number of “get to know you” style questions as part of a new series for the Camasonian “Get to Know”.

C- How would you describe your relationship with the school custodians?

W- Ummmmmmmm, I only know a few of them that actually work in my portable. I’d say pretty good though.

C- What TV show genre is your least favorite?

W- least favorite? Reality TV.

C- Why? What type of reality tv? Like house building or yard rejuvenation?

W- Kardashians are annoying to me.

C- Out of all the kids in this class, which is your least favorite?

W- You, because you’re taking up my time.

C- What is the secret skill you don’t tell anyone about?

W- I can play the trumpet but I can’t name my favorite song.

C- If you had to create a band of any 4 musicians, who would be in your band? It can be singers in an acapella band if you want.

W- I do like acapella music. Uhhhhhhh I don’t know, ask another question.

C- Someone offers you tickets to a folk concert in Eugene, what do you do?

W- hand them back, that’s not something I’m interested in.

C- What’s your favorite brand of water?

W- Refrigerator water, Frigidaire water.

C- If you could be anyone for a week, who would you be?

W- Neil Armstrong so I could be on the moon.

C- Do you watch anything in your spare time?

W-  if I’m not watching sports, I’m probably watching cartoons with my daughter, most likely Garfield.

C- Who was your favorite high school girlfriend?

W- No comment.

C- Why was she your favorite?

W- She was into sports like volleyball and softball.

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