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Extracurriculars at CHS

“In education, it’s always important to be invested. Not only in school, but in organizations, invested in a cause,” says Mr. Tim Fox, an associate principal at Camas High School. As of right now, CHS has 60 clubs, 55 of which are currently running. These clubs range from Key Club to Thespians Society.

According to Fox, “a good and successful club has a purpose.” Every club needs to have a reason for meeting. Whether that reason is to be more laid back and social or to have a more structured purpose. Ria Patel, a sophomore at Camas High School, comments, “A successful club would include people who are dedicated in their club and are passionate about what they’re going to do. It also needs leaders who are passionate about their club.” Clubs are a great way for students to connect and meet people with like-minded interests. They are also a great way for students to gain experiences outside of a classroom, and to learn in a variety of ways. Clubs are not only a great way for students to learn from adults, but also a great way to learn from other students.

Flyers for some of the clubs here at CHS

Though Camas does have many successful clubs, there are still a few clubs that have started and have ended up fizzling out. These clubs include the international club, science and engineering fair, and the speech and debate club. “Students lose interest. We’ve had staff members who started the club and were unable to have a transition plan or students that have started the club as a passion, but nobody else shared that same passion,” says Fox. These are some of the many reasons why clubs have failed and fizzled out. Other reasons include the club losing its advisor, or a student starting a club as a senior and not having a plan in place for how the club will continue when they are gone.

Even with all the clubs we have right now at CHS, students still have many more club ideas for the future. Aria Perry, a sophomore, had the idea that a meditation club would be great to have. She continued on to explain there is so much stress in the high school, that a meditation club would be a great way for students to de-stress. Patel says, “I’ve been really into the idea of having a badminton club because I am really good at badminton. Also, another volunteering club would be good.” Perry comments, “I think that if there are any students that don’t feel included with any clubs that are here right, then I think any idea should be thought about.”  

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