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We Have Visitors!

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy around schools and visitors, here are some ways Camas keeps our high school safe from child predators;
“We have to put any potential predators onto a schedule in addition to what the meeting is for and who all is coming, all visitors have to go through the front office, and there they look at the license or copy it, and it must be approved. No drop-ins are allowed, and communication is key,” Amira Onuoha stated.
All of these rules let the security and staff know of any incoming visitors as well as the ability to keep an eye on them if needed. It also enables the faculty to understand what they are at the school to assist them if any is required.  

Some of the most frequent visitors at the school include personnel from various branches of the military as well as motivational speakers.

These people help guide our students towards doing the right thing.

The personnel from the military drive the students towards defending our country’s freedom as well as serving the people. It also gives an alternative to student loans by paying for most of a students college education by joining. For many students, college is not an option due to financial instability.

Many of the motivational speakers help the students accept themselves for who they are and help them to understand that everyone is different. Their most common intent is to challenge their audiences and either make then change entirely or to remove a few negative habits.

While students may not give much thought to who is visiting the school, the staff at Camas high school certainly are; visitors at any high school can be very positive influences on the students. By following the steps, it does when dealing with visitors camas high school remains a safe and well-informed school.

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