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CHS Girls Bowling

Well-known to Camas High School are the famous Friday night football games, the exciting basketball games, and even the hard-fought soccer matches. However, a lesser-known but no less skillful team at CHS is the girls bowling team. In fact, Coach Barb Burden of the bowling team along with multiple varsity, JV, and C team bowlers inform the Camasonian that their team is actually having one of their best years yet. Their record is 7 wins to 6 losses, and they have achieved victory over a couple of teams that last year they would have expected to be unbeatable, including Skyview, Mountain View, and Union. Senior Eva Brizuela, who made varsity on the bowling team, reports, “Some schools are a lot more competitive and fierce, you can tell they’re not as friendly.” Senior Leah Forsterer, who decided to try bowling for the first time this year, agreed emphatically with Brizuela. “Those are the [school]s that are really good, usually,” laughs Forsterer.

A testament to the bowling team’s prowess this year is their wins over their stiff competitors. “Skyview is really good but surprisingly we beat them this time, along with Battleground, they were really tough to beat, but we got through it,” says Brizuela. When asked how she thought the team was doing overall this year, Brizuela was very enthusiastic: “Dude, we are kicking butt this year. We’re actually doing really good.” And it is not just varsity that has participated in this improvement. All three bowling teams, comprised of some twenty athletes total, have been experiencing a trend of improvement as they sweep through the league doing better than ever. Out of their four remaining matches, the team believes they can win the majority. “I’m looking forward to the further improvement of our team. We’ve never done as good as we’ve done so far this year,” says Jace Grubbs. “We have a match against Heritage, which is the only team we haven’t played yet, and I guess we’re excited to beat them.”

Beyond the competitive aspect of bowling is the social aspect, and it sounds like the teams excel at that as well. When asked what she liked about bowling, Ashley Gerst replied, “I like the team aspect. I really like getting to hang out with my friends and it’s just a really fun way to hang out with people.” Forsterer added onto that, saying, “I like it cause you get to meet new people as well. I didn’t know anyone at the beginning of the year and now I’m like, ‘Oh wow, I know twenty new people.’” In addition to learning valuable bowling skills from Coach Burden, who has coached bowling for 48 years, the players get a team experience akin to that of any other multi-athlete sport. The Camas High School bowlers have been working hard and have improved tremendously throughout this past season.

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