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Babies In Need

An all volunteer group in Vancouver is working to provide baby supplies to families in need. They’re always searching for donations of all kinds and appreciate anything usable given to them.

This group of people have taken on the simple name ‘Babies in Need’ and has been going on since 1999. Since they started, according to their website, they have, “Provided 2029 car seats, 4021 layette gift packs, and 681 sibling bags.” Majority of the items for the the Layette bags are for the babies, but do have a few items for the parents. These bags have gowns, pajamas, diapers, notes for the parents on how to read to children, and much more, with around 19 in all. With all of these items, the parent’s job of taking care of their child is eased, and they can finally rest well knowing that their child is taken care of.

Typical layette items. Both photos were shot by the Babies In Need Website

Not only do they have packages for the babies in need, but also for the siblings. Many cases of siblings acting out when the baby gets all the attention was common when they gave the layettes, so they created a ‘Sibling Bag’ to give them some love as well. There are around six items in all, with books and toys for the siblings to entertain themselves. With these, they make sure that they don’t feel left out and when they do need to give more attention to the baby, the other kids will be calmer.

All of this work is completely voluntary and when it was first formed, only had a handful of people. As the organization grew, they eventually got their own building in Vancouver with the help of several people at once. It took awhile for it all to fall together, but now, they are going stronger than ever and have helped many.

This group has gotten positive reactions so far. For some, it is meaningful. Julia Chwaliszewski, senior, says, “My mom was actually with a single parent and grew up below the poverty line so I think that having something like that would’ve helped her a lot. So I think it’s pretty good.” While others, just appreciate the existences of it. Caleb Ashworth, Sophomore, said, “I think it’s pretty dope.”

For such a small town community, having charity organizations to support the people in need is truly heartwarming. If you have any lightly used baby clothes or supplies you can donate, be sure to look up Babies In Need, and consider giving it up for someone who might really need it.

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