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The Pride Inside Award

The Pride Inside Award is an award student and staff can win at Camas High School. It is different from academic awards, winning it does not mean students get all A’s. It is also a great honor to win the Pride Inside Award. “I felt like all my hard work had really paid off and it felt great to be recognized for it,” says Sophomore Mady Ogle.

The purpose of the award is to recognize students who are not exactly the best in the class academically. Mr. Tom Morris, the administrator who oversees the Pride Inside Award says, “You might have a student in the class that maybe does not get the best grade but they come prepared every day, ask great questions, and work really hard.” Though students can be recognized academically. It’s broader than academic awards.  

A teacher can nominate students for multiple reasons. For example, if the student is hardworking, friendly, students who are helpful to others in the class, or what they added this year, follow the school motto “imagine, innovate, inspire” they can be nominated for the award.

Being nominated for the Pride Inside Award is an honor too. Students get a letter home to their parents saying they were nominated and why they were nominated.

Teachers nominate students or teachers and they write a 2 to 3 sentence summary about what the student did and other teachers read them and vote. The top two winners per grade win the award. Something they have changed this year is that it’s no longer gender-specific. In the last years they would take the top boy and girl, now it is just the top two at each grade.

Morris really enjoys handling the Pride Inside Award. He loves reading what all great things the students of Camas High School. He says “It’s nice to call kids into my office and talk about positive things. I look forward to it each month.” Students like being congratulated by him too. Sophomore Tyler Schiffman says, “When I got it they congratulated me and made my day.”

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