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Boy’s Swimming Update

It is almost that time of year again when the Camas High School boy’s swim team gets ready to make a push for another stellar season. The boys are currently 3-1-1 on the season, their only loss coming to a disciplined Curtis High school team which is currently 5-0 on the season.  

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Coming off winning districts last year he reflected on what made them so dominant throughout the league.

CHS Swim Coach Mike Bemis said, “We have a good pulse on the team. we have had excellent captains. They’ve held their own meetings with the group, without the coaches, when we needed them. And, we’ve come out of it stronger each time.”

He added, “Because we don’t have divers, we’re going in behind and having to swim out of a hole. We are going to do our best to try to be state champions.”

The goal is not easiest to attain, but after coming off a hard-fought loss to Curtis they are looking more and more like a championship contender.

Players shared thoughts on the current season and what makes the team so dynamic.

CHS Senior Dave Peddie said, “I just love all the relationships I build through swimming, and that is one of my biggest motivations for coming out every day and getting in the pool.”

There are also many supporters of the Camas Boy’s Swimming Team that shared reasons that this team is so dynamic.

CHS Sophomore Christian Lenard said, “Everyone just works as the team which makes them really hard to beat, they also have a lot of senior leadership which really helps.”

Last year, the boys finished 14-0-3 for their overall record on the season and ended up winning districts against some really good competition. CHS students and staff should consider going out and supporting the Boy’s Swimming Team to try to make another for districts and a possible run for state!

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