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Tackling the Football Season

“I grew up in Clark County and I remember the days when Clark County got no respect around the state in terms of football.” That’s completely changed; “now we’re being called the hotbed of Washington High School football,” comments Coach Jon Eagle of Camas Papermakers Football.

It may sting a little for the Papermaker faithful to see arch-rival Union muster up a perfect 14-0 record, including a state championship title. However, Union winning state “makes all of [Greater St. Helens League] better.” because “all of the ships in the harbor come up when the tide goes up,” comments Coach Eagle.

Although Camas had a rough season per usual, weighing in at a 5-5 record, Coach Eagle expresses that, “Everyone gets caught up in the winning and losing, but to see the growth in the young men is the most enjoyable part of coaching.”

All but three out of Camas’ 10 games could have gone either way in the Win/Loss column. “When you beat someone 65-3, that’s not a real memorable moment,” explains Coach Eagle; “It’s the close games like the last game [vs Bothell] going for two in a playoff game, that are memorable to me; Even though it didn’t go our way.”

Despite the tough loss to end the season, Coach Eagle recaps that over the season, the team “improved week to week,” getting “better as a team” as the season went on.

Wide Reciever and Cornerback Junior Charlie Bump, adds that the team was “huge” (in size) compared to recent years.

This year Camas had a talented senior, leaving large shoes to fill. Camas fans should not fret because the Papermakers “always have a good senior class, so every year we have lots of key players that graduate,” but the ‘Makers “always have players that step in and fill those roles.” states Coach Eagle.

The Papermakers always have an outstanding senior class. However, Coach Eagle stresses that the team needs to do a better job of “team building” and “playing together”.

Bump also adds that the team “had a lot of injuries.” This could’ve set the team back and restricted their level of performance.

The Win/Loss column is what Coach Eagle cares about, not the score. “I hate moral victories like when people say, ‘Well, you held Union to only 14 points’,” comments Coach Eagle; “It’s all about winning here in Camas.”

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