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The Next Big Sport

Many may think it’s foolish to count player vs. player video games as a sport, but this concept is becoming more and more popular throughout the US, and now it’s being brought to Camas High School.

Smirin Bhella (upper left) directs a Q&A for the club.

E-sports (electronic sports) are a new addition to this technology-controlled world and a possible sport of the future. That’s why a club in CHS has been organized to let students of any grade participate in online player vs. player competitions planned every month. Tomer Dagan, a sophomore here at CHS, is the head-advisor of this club. Dagan and Sophomore Smirin Bhella have worked hard to try and get this club running.

“We are associating with another organization called High School E-Sports League, which is made specifically to help high schools around the US compete with each other and win money through the competitions,” Dagan explains.

The High School E-Sports League is designed to set-up competitions between high schooler from all across the US. The competitions are mostly always online, but there are in-person summer finals, though Dagan and others are uncertain if they’re going to participate.

“Tomer makes the decisions and I have to go with him and carry them out,” Bhella adds. “‘Let’s have a Discord’, Tomer said, which is like an online chatroom for gamers, and then he said ‘let’s make a Remind’ and so we made it.” Though Dagan says the Remind was Bhella’s idea from the beginning.

There are certain limitations to this club, however. “We are accepting almost all games as long as it does not reach the video game rating of M, or if you don’t have enough members for it.” Dagan sets these rules down. “You’ll also need a way to play and an internet connection at home.”

Popular games that can be played and competed in.

Shawn Mattos, a sophomore who is an official member of the club shares why he joined. “I spend most of my time playing video games and I thought it’d be really cool to be in a tournament,” he begins. “And also just to be around other people who play video games, everyone likes being around people with the same interests.”

Another member of the club, Freshman Carl Sadewasser,  responds to the same question. “I guess I mostly joined because I liked to play video games and you like to play video games then join.”

“This club is not a place if you come in during MakerTime to just play games with your friends, it’s meant for if you are there to play to win,” Dagan adds as a closing statement. E-Sports is said to be the next biggest sport out there, the way society is growing towards. These young high schoolers are opening up that world to others and helping to make this new revolutionary way of gaming true.

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Great article, and also for those of you reading this that want to join feel free to come in during Maker Time in the Athletic Training Room we meet there every Monday but I am there almost every day during Maker Time.

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