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ASB Changes

At Camas, the Associated Student Body (ASB) team puts in a ton of effort to schedule school events and to make sure that the school has a fun and inviting environment. Without them, Camas would not be as enjoyable, organized and there would not be any dances or spirit weeks.

ASB is the school’s representative group of 5-7 individuals who are able to vote and approve of projects, events, and fundraisers for the school. The class also teaches students about leadership skills that they can use and help them to make a change.

The first year advisor of the team; Mr. Kyle Keefe has been doing a great job in making changes from last year. Anyone is welcomed and encouraged to join ASB, anyone who wants to help make a change for the better. People who join ASB are people who want to see a change in the school and to be involved in the deciding factors for the school.

ASB is enjoyable for students because they are granted the freedom to plan the school’s events. This includes the games at assemblies and the theme of the school dances. Right now, Junior Emma Rehrer says that they are working on “making communications better so that they can reach out to more students.” They are making an effort to reach out to more students throughout the school so that any messages that students may need to hear are known about. They are doing this by hanging posters throughout the hallway promoting their events and by upgrading the social media aspect of the school. They have found out that Instagram is the most used social media by Camas High School students. When there is an upcoming announcement about an important event or any other important reminder, they will make a post for the students to see.

By the end of the school year, the team is planning on seeing more student participation in their events like their spirit weeks to create a better climate for the school. ASB member Max Quinn, junior, says they need “willingness from the students in order to make everybody feel school spirit.” Also, they will be bringing in more TVs into the locker bay to promote and blast out information to all the students of the school.

Another change from last year is that the team has a new way to make decisions, Sophomore Class President Enzo Gonzalez, claims “this year we represent our student body better than last year.” He is interested in creating a more positive environment in the school than in previous years. The end goal is to create an atmosphere at school where students feel welcomed and are excited to come and learn every day.

Overall, the school’s Associated Student Body is a group of people in the school who have the drive to make positive changes for the school and the community. A happy environment with lots of student interaction is made possible by the Associated Student Body. Throughout the rest of the school year, there will be new ways to reach out and communicate to all students, promoting all the great events and news at Camas High School.

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