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Minder Goes Rolling Along After 25+ Years

Brilliant soccer coach and teacher Roland Minder is retiring after more than 25 years with the Camas High School soccer program. As a CHS teacher, he leaves behind knowledge, but on the field, he leaves behind a strong legacy for both boys’ and girls’ soccer. 

“Only your best is good enough for Camas,” Minder often tells his team.

First, Minder began as an assistant coach at Camas, which lead to 23 years as the boys head coach, and 15 years for girls. Every player that ever came across Minder as a soccer coach, has learned that once you step foot on the field, work has to be done. Varsity player Elizabeth Parker, a junior at Camas informs; “He wanted me to achieve what I wanted to achieve, so he definitely pushed me a lot but it was always good for me.”

During the spring of 1995, Minder showed up to earn head coach at Camas High, that was when the successful legacy at Camas High School had begun. “He always said that the most important thing was to play for your teammates, and that was what really motivated me to work hard and do my best,” quotes defensive player of the year, Senior Justine Pauly. Meeting and getting coached by Minder can usually intimidate players, but don’t let him fool you. Minder definitely cares about every one of his players, but when it’s game time, you better be ready to get down to business. Senior Maddie Kemp, Varsity’s forward with 143 goals in all four years of varsity, explains; “Minder can put on a scary front but if you come in open to meeting him, and be friendly, he is actually the type of man I wish to befriend, Minder is a teddy bear.”

All these years of coaching mean a lot of hard work, commitment, and preparation. “Very little sleep, but lots of great relationships,” Minder replies with a chuckle. In his many years of coaching, imagine the great and close relationships he has made with not only the players, but all the other coaches, and helpers. “Relationships are the most important thing about a sport,” informs Minder. Coach Minder isn’t only an amazing coach to the players but also a gifted friend. Kemp gladly states; “Minder is more than a coach, Minder is my friend, and over the four years he became someone I see as a hero to me.”

This year’s girls soccer team has come far, and for Minder and to the seniors on the team, Camas soccer is going to be difficult to say goodbye to. This season they have put 109 goals in the back of the net, and only let 23 goals into theirs. They made it to state, where they took runner-up in finals, due to the other team putting one more ball in. Even though the girls didn’t bring home the whole win, they still fought to get that far. “The best memories are the emotions after a hard battle, and winning,” Minder acknowledges.  

Stepping forward Minder has managed over 550 wins and five state titles while coaching Camas. He hopes to leave behind  “standards of excellence, and expectations of being able to do your best.” He is passing along his position as head coach to Kerri Tomasetti, who has been with the program for about 12 years. Parker sadly states; “It’s definitely not going to be the same without him, because he made such a big impact on the program.”

Minder doubtlessly made a huge mark on Camas soccer, and this will stay forever. Although he is retiring, his knowledge of soccer will always be with Camas. Minder saw the field like no one else, and his players “learned he has a big heart and cares deeply for his players.” The girls will surely miss the many funny quotes he always shared, his hidden talent of opera and how happy he was after winning a hard-earned game. “Determined, empathetic, comical, honest, respectful” are the ways to describe Roland Minder. His mark that he made at Camas will be there forever.

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