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Islamic Awareness at CHS

Islamic Awareness Club is a new club on campus whose members aim to bring attention to Islamic culture and those who practice Islam in order to show peacefulness. Over the years, Muslims, or those who practice Islam, have earned an often inaccurate reputation: they may be thought of as different and are sometimes treated as outcasts. Why do people do this? Why is it important that the way the world looks at them typically should change?

Typically, people target groups that are unfamiliar, but it is important to challenge that unfamiliarity with an understanding of who they really are.

Unfortunately, people shame Muslims and even bully them all because of their religion and where they are from. This club, new to Camas High School this year, aims to bring Muslim students together and invites people of all ethnicities and religions to join.

Senior Tayyaba Naushab states, “[The club is] important because people actually get to know who Muslims really are and what they do.” Naushab continues to elaborate and explain some people simply make assumptions about Muslims.

“I was born into the same religion and I just feel a connection…..I want people to not hate on Muslims,” Naushab claims.

Senior and President of Islamic Awareness Club Zaynah Usmani explains, “This club is of great importance because in the part of the world we live in, Islam isn’t really widely known about. The religion is associated with a great deal of stereotypes and faces discrimination. So, through this club, I hope that we are able to convey the true message of Islam and break through the boundaries that society has set upon it.”

“Our focus is on providing the correct information about Islamic beliefs, history, and practices from authentic sources,” Islamic Awareness Center stated on their website.

“It is always important for me, to put myself in the shoes of other people,” Associate Principal Mr. Fox explained. “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be stereotyped in a way that Muslims have been… The first step of knowledge is awareness.”

“Anything that I can do to help, it doesn’t matter if there’s one Muslim student here, to have one that’s plenty. I want to make sure that every student at Camas High School feels like they’re welcome here,” Mr. Fox elaborated.

The Islamic Awareness Club meetings are held in room 202 every other Thursday. Students can show support and help this club by coming together to allow them the chance to prove who they really are.

“Before attending a club meeting, people should be aware that the club is not just for Muslim students. People of all races, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities are always welcome to attend,” Usmani added.


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I think that Islam is like any other religion. A literal reading of the Bible leads to horrible extremists, so it should be no surprise that a literal reading of the Quran would lead to the same. Just like we don’t associate your friendly neighborhood Christian with the Westboro Baptist Church, we shouldn’t associate your friendly neighborhood Muslim with violent islamic extremists. Sure, we can have an argument over whether God exists or whether religion is a positive or negative thing overall (I know I’ve said my fair share of controversial things about those very topics.), but that doesn’t mean we should treat people unfairly. I’m glad this club exists, hats off to all of y’all.

All religion may be flawed, but this club fights for a good cause.

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