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A Little More about Mrs. Leighton

Mrs. Lori Leighton is an algebra teacher here at Camas. She is a very fun, laid back teacher that will have fun with her classes but also knows where to draw the line and stop. She teaches Algebra Two and a new class called Algebra Lab for kids who struggled in Algebra One. Although her students know her inside of school, most of them do not know her outside of school. Leighton likes to use her free time to walk her dogs, spend time with family, and watch Netflix and other television shows.

At school, she has a lot of friends who are also math teachers, Mrs. Kathryn Boring being her best friend. They like to pull pranks on each other and also other teachers at this school. “Pulling pranks makes work more fun for us, makes life more fun.” Leighton explained about her sense of humor. Back in the 2015-2016 school year, Leighton pulled a prank on Boring by saran wrapping her car.

Leighton’s son, Bryce, is a Junior here at CHS. “I like teaching at the same school he goes to but I promised him I would never have him in class.” Leighton expressed that she was happy when her son started at Camas but wanted him to have other teachers besides her. “One thing I did not plan for was having his friends in class, it is a little different because I know them outside of school too,” Leighton said about having her son’s friends in class.

Through personal experience and other students, it has become clear that Leighton is a popular favorite across Camas High School and will continue to be for a while. Please stop by, say hi, especially for underclassmen who might have her as Juniors, or try to get to know her better.

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