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Preparing for the SAT

As students travel through high school, their dreams of what they want to be when they are older become more prominent. High school is meant to prepare students for college and college for their overall career. However, to get into college, a student first must take the SAT to show their relative ranking with their peers. Here are some tips on how a student can prepare for the SAT.
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The best way to prep for the SAT when taking it for the very first time is to use Khan Academy. Khan Academy helps students practice using questions off of old SATs, “I used Khan academy and worked on it constantly” Lisette Rinnen, a senior stated. Khan offers personalized study sessions that even includes full-length practice tests and genuine SAT questions. Khan advises that a student practice 15 minutes a day five days a week averaging at about 1.25 hours per week to maximize their knowledge before the test.
If a student is unwilling to put in those hours before the test, then numerous SAT prep videos go over each section of the SAT ranging from 30 min to 2 hours. These videos go over each type of question in the specified section. While watching the videos, it is best for students to try to answer the problems without the video’s guidance and then see if their answers and techniques are the same.
The final and most widely used method is merely to take the test multiple times. A students first time taking the SAT is typically their hardest. They can be stressed, ill-prepared, and exhausted. However, by a student’s second test they have a better understanding of the test and how it runs as well as what material is on the test. Mona Uemura, a senior,  advises all students preparing for the SAT is to “Just prepare for it a lot and take the practice test over and over again.”

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