Camas School Student Arts What You Should Know

How to Plan for Art School

Art school is an option for all students if they’re interested in a career path later in the future that relates to art. While many students these days want to go to an art school, they tend not to know what the steps it takes to get into the college.

The first step into making it into the art school is the research. Make sure the school suits the style of the applicator before they start the actual application. “Look for their reputation, job assistance/placement, style, and the approach to the artists they support,” Mr. Doug Huegli, the photography teacher at Camas High School, recommends. To start off with reputation, make sure the school the applicator is looking into teachers the average style of art, commercial. Next, be sure the style of art is a style is a style the student enjoys or they accept the applicators style. For example, anime is a style a lot of teachers in art schools do not accept, so if that is a style a student who wants to apply to the school is focused in, maybe try searching for a school that spotlights that art style.

Portfolio e.g. via Instagram user peachmtcha

The second step to take for applying to college is to create a portfolio. A portfolio includes unique art pieces, whether it’s drawings, paintings, or photographs. “Focus on the technical quality, understanding the views that you’re trying to portray to the person who is going to inspect your portfolio. Try finding ways to stand out, don’t do the clique.” Huegli advice’s to students for what they should do when making a portfolio. Another “assignment(s)” to keep in mind when applying for art schools are the essays and essay supplements. Colleges generally require these essays, but it is still an important factor to keep in mind.

In the end, make sure to keep a clear mind and always contribute creativity when applying. “When it comes to having a passion, you have to still maintain a reality. Don’t stay with mediocre. If your passion is annoying to others, then maybe it’s not a strong enough passion. If a student doesn’t think ‘can I get better’ continually then it’s hard. They need to have a drive” Huegli explains.

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