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Bringing Link Crew to CHS

Everyone can remember their first year of high school, whether it was fantastic or straight out awful. But this year, the freshmen have a new way to get by: Link Crew.

Link Crew is a group of upperclassmen that strive for a successful transition for all the Freshman. Currently, there are 148 Link Crew members aiding freshman as they go on about high school throughout the year. Every month, there are special events held, freshman meets up with their Link Crew mentors, and they just bond. This national program has just been brought to CHS this year. Mrs. Jill Fuller, an administrator that guides Link Crew, is the founder of bringing this to our school.

Formerly working at Lake Ridge High School, she noticed the impact that Link Crew provided for the school. “I saw the success it had in connecting the school together,” Fuller tells the Camasonian. She thought this program a wonderful idea to bring to CHS. After some time and process, Link Crew was established in here for the first time this year.

“I think it’s really important when you have a large school since kids can get kinda lost,” Fuller explains. “Physically and socially.” She says that Link Crew members are there to guide the freshman, whether they’re lost in the enormous school or struggling with a teacher. “Link Crew is like a boomerang: if you throw it, it’ll come back to you. Whatever you put into it, you’re going to get back.”

Link Crew members are truly the big part of this. They are the ones interacting with their group of Freshman, trying to bond and give a helping hand. Kimberlee Boone, a junior at CHS, is one of these very Link Crew members. “I just wanted to help a little bit more because I know I was scared as a freshman,” Boone says, giving one of her many reasons why she joined Link Crew.

“Freshmen stick to themselves, I know Juniors and Seniors usually try to stay with themselves, but we’re trying to get to where everyone is ok with everyone.” Boone wishes for there to be no social boundaries between Freshman and the other grades: “It’s like there’s everyone, and then freshmen.” For freshmen not to be such a minority at CHS, Link Crew is trying hard to get them to truly be part of the Camas family. “Don’t be scared to do spirit days, I really want them to know that they are safe in this environment.”

There is excitement in Boone’s expression as she talks about her group of Freshman, saying how they were meeting up soon and she couldn’t wait to see all their faces. But how do the Freshman feel about Link Crew?

Freshman Noelle Mitcham gives her input on Link Crew. “It’s ok for the most part. During events, I lose all my friends so I just stand there awkwardly since everybody knows each other but I don’t know them.”

“The occasional meetups we have don’t seem to have been planned properly,” Madelyn adds. “Don’t get me wrong, the people running them are all really nice.”

Jill Fuller is aware of the lack of Freshman thrill, but she knows in time Link Crew will become better, and thus better engaging the Freshman. “We may not be able to reach every freshman but our hope is that we can. We want every freshman to have a mentor and a place to belong.” Jill Fuller states with courage. Throughout the years Link Crew will gain more and gain knowledge and, hopefully, one day achieve their goal.

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