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All of the Academic Options

There are many options available for high school in Camas. All of these are able to provide students with the environment where they are most likely to succeed. Dr. Jeff Snell, the Superintendent of Camas School District, said, “the goal is to help students be inspired and engaged in learning. ”

One of the options is Integrated Arts and Academics also know as IAA. IAA is incorporating arts into the academic requirements. They also take field trips together to plays, museums, and places that have to do with the arts. Mrs. Gina Mariotti Shapard, the IAA program leader, says, “In IAA you have to make things that speak to you so you have to think outside the box, learn how to become comfortable with ambiguity, cause there’s not a right or wrong answer, there’s only what people put into their art.”

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is another option. Work-based learning is an opportunity for students to participate in an internship while earning high school credit. Camas High School works with the Downtown Camas Association and local businesses to create internships that give students real-life experience and employers like a real-life experience.

An option for Junior and Seniors is Running Start at Clark College. Running Start students enroll in both college and high school. Students get the opportunity to get credits working toward their AA degree at low cost and living at home. Since students are taking college classes students do everything in the class. The work is not simplified. The students need to be mature and be able to handle college-level classes and work.

MST Magnet is an opportunity at Camas High School. It focuses on research design principles. They conduct real-world research and focus on real-world problems. In Magnet students take challenging curriculum, including AP classes. “The teachers are dedicated and it’s nice to have research practice and a good reputation with colleges,” says Laura Burton, a sophomore Magnet student.

Camtech is a program at CHS that focus on students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  It focuses on Engineering Robotics & Manufacturing; Digital Computer Design and Publishing; Computer Science and Game Programming, Construction and Machine Tool Fabrication. It accepts all Camas High School students at any grade level.

Cascadia Technical Academy is a cooperative Career and Technical learning experience. Students have the choice to choose from 15 different programs that get them ready for college and the career field right after high school. Students go to Cascadia Tech then go to there campus for half of the day and Camas High School for the rest. The some of the 15 programs: Applied Medical Sciences, Aviation Technology, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Dental, Diesel Technology, Fashion Design, Fire Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Pre-Engineering Design Technology.

Many of the programs also provide students with a community. The students are taking classes with mainly the same people. They get to know each other. 

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