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Dance Team 2.0

Though they might not be performing at assemblies anymore, the dance team is still going strong. With new changes like having a smaller team and a new coach, they’re planning on being even better than before.

In the recent Homecoming assembly, the dance team did not perform. While this was already abnormal from the previous years, it’s more so that they’re no longer going to be performing at any upcoming assembly as of now. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t appear at any other events. They are planning on attending different sports in place, some of which being football and basketball.

Not only this, but they are now working with a smaller team. The previous year, they had around 32 girls, and now have cut it down to 20 instead. One of the coaches, Amira Onuoha, said in an interview, “It might not seem like a lot, but 12 more bodies is a lot on the floor than what we have this year.” With a smaller team, it’ll be easier for the girls to perform their routine with more space to move around. Going on, she said, “We were harder on the cuts this Spring than in the past, so the dances that are on the team really had to work for it.” Though smaller, the girls on the team are some of the best that signed up, and have worked to get into the position they are in now. The dance team just might be stronger than they were last year.

The dance team also has a new routine they are practicing. Last year, it was more hip-hop style, while this year, they’re focusing for more jazz, which requires different movement styles than some of the girls are used to. However, with a new coach, Lesa Blanchard, helping them out, the dance team is still running strong. Lesa hasn’t been a coach for long but is already making the team feel more like a sisterhood and bringing them together. With both of these changes, the dance team is transforming into something both new and improved.

For the students, some don’t think much of it. Piper Stroh, sophomore, stated, “I don’t really have an opinion.” To those outside of it, they might not get the appeal of it or might not be a fan of dance at all. However, for the girls on the team, it’s a different story. Amie Beld, senior, said, “I absolutely love being on the dance team! It has been amazing to be part of this amazing team for the fourth year now.” For those on the dance team, it’s something they cherish and care about.

In the end, though the dance team has changed quite a bit with a new coach, routine and where they’ll be performing, they’re growing off of those and will continue to be successful in their endeavors.

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