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School’s Out for the Winter

In the month of November at Camas High School, there will not be a normal full week of school. Last week there was a late start on Thursday, no school on Monday because of veterans day, Thanksgiving break is the week after that, and another late start the week after.

With all of the time off, teachers are having to fix their schedules and what they will be teaching over the next month-and-a-half or so. Teachers will have to make up a lot of ground after school gets back from winter break on January 6th.

The Camas High School students love having school off; it means they get to stay home, play video games, or hang out with friends.  “I like having school off and wish we could have more,” Camas High Senior Gavin Gregory said when asked to share his feelings about how much school is going to be missed.

Students do not realize that the school time that they are missing can actually hurt them academically. Not only will students be missing crucial work to advance in their studies, but they will also possibly be missing work that could help them in their next year of education. While it is nice to have no school, those days deprive teachers and students from necessary educational services.

One of the days off was for Veterans Day and it was celebrated very well locally and nationally but the late start days are not needed. Camas High School already changed the daily schedule back an hour. The school wanted to make sure the students slept in later but all they are doing is going to bed later. Late starts do not help this because the school does not start until 10:40 AM on those days and students just stay up even later. Even though the school day starts later, students are still coming to school tired.

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