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Changes in Weather… And Schedules?

In Washington, the weather changes rapidly at any time of the day. While the winter months are coming, the temperature is dropping and precipitation is increasing daily.

Everyone’s schedule will change when they are adapting from September’s sunny days to November’s rain and gloomy clouds. Whether it’s a walk to the portables or a far parking spot, the way people go about their business will be different.

Security officer Mr. Sean Tamura says that he will have to “bring a lot more clothes to school” to make up for the rain and other precipitation.

While this may be an inconvenience, it will affect other people too. Students will have changes in their schedule as well.

Sophomore Wilson Fresh says that “walking to and from the south parking lot every day is going to make him drenched during the rain.” In order to prepare for this weather, he will need to bring a heavier coat just for the walk.

For other students, the walk into the school might not pose as much of a problem in their school day. What might change for them is the commute to the campus. Junior Mitch Fies who lives up in the arctic tundra of Mt. Livingston says that he is nervous to get into a car crash in the snow. He shared that he “hopes that his friends don’t rear-end him.” Because of this fear, he may have to take a different route to school. This might possibly make him late on a snowy day.

A possible product of the new schedule this year is that maybe Camas won’t receive the two hours late starts that students have become accustomed to on slightly icy days. Since school stars an hour later, the delays might not be needed to let the snow or ice melt. This change might be a negative product of the new schedule in the eyes of the eyes of the students.

Clearly, the weather will make a lot of changes for the students and other citizens here at Camas. No matter if it is a walk outside or a long commute in the snow, it is sure to affect the community.

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