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Behind the Scenes of the Blood Drive

Each year, the National Honor Society at Camas High School hosts a blood drive.

Mrs. Inzalaco, the supervisor of NHS, explains that “Bloodworks has a representative who is excellent at working with the school… he gave us all of the promotional materials, [such as] what we need for permission slips… [and] he walked us through what that process should look like in terms of recruiting and what kind of volunteers they need the day of.”

However, Inzalaco says that she mostly did “a lot of the nitty gritty things.”

Anthony Choi, the club president, says that “[the officers have] mostly been [responsible for] recruiting people to donate blood and setting up time slots for volunteers.”

Harrison Cole, vice president of the club, clarifies that they have a committee of “probably around 12 people”, and that “the committee is… the people who are leading in the recruitment and helping… make posters and stuff, and then [there are] other people in the club who are helping recruit people at the lunches and the blood drive itself.”

Cole would like to add that “if you are interested in donating blood, you need to be 16 or older, and then if you are 16 or 17 you need a permission slip that you can pick up at lunch from the blood drive table.”

However, Inzalaco is happy to say that “right now, [the club is] looking at about 50 [students who are going to donate], and hopefully more, if people who are 18 and don’t need a permission slip [come], because they can just show up at any time.”

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