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Showing up for School

This year Camas High School has a new Code of Conduct. Attendance is a very big part of it so here is what persons of CHS need to know to be successful with attendance. This year CHS has two attendance ladies, Mrs. Jen Heredia, and Mrs. Jennifer Smith. If any questions come up the attendance ladies can be found in the front office or at the attendance window, or call at 360-833-5761.

If students plan on leaving school early, they need to have parents call in and have them released. Students must pick up there release note from the office before school, during lunch or in between classes. If a student is ill and needs to go home, do not text your parents, students must go to the health room and have them call parents.

Smith would like everyone to know “ Students please check attendance in Skyward often,” if something looks wrong please see the attendance window to fix that. Students, please know that school is very important and missing school can put one very far behind. Also, know that CHS is a closed campus and students may not leave during lunch. Some may have seen a staff member riding around the parking lot during both lunches and after school in a golf cart. That is to ensure that students do not leave when school is in session.

Jadin Zeppetella Junior shares, “I don’t have a parking pass so Its hard to be on time and rely on my parents to get me to school.”  Students might think because they do not have a ride, miss the bus or have car problems or slept in that they will have an excused absence, that is incorrect. To have an excused absence students must have a parent note or call with a valid reason for their absence.

All students please remember that Maker Time is an extension of period six. If one leaves Maker Time early it will count as an unexcused absence if the student does not have a valid reason. Please try to plan all appointments after 3:20. 

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