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What Dr. Sejkora Does

Dr. Liza Sejkora has been Cams High School’s principal for a little over a year. The question is: What does she do as the principal?  When asked what she thinks she does she responded, “I am responsible for sharing the mission and vision of the school and providing professional learning for teachers. I work with students in different capacities to try and involve student voice and things that go on our Camas.”  

On a day to day basis, she has meetings and visits classrooms. She has meetings three days a week and she tries to go to classrooms two days a week. On those two days, she tries to maximize the number of classrooms she visits.

“A lot of my time is spent meeting, that’s staff, students, families. As well as meetings beyond the building,” she said. She also meets with teachers to talk about there goals and how she can best help them achieve their goals.

She says “the fun part of my job is when I get to go beyond the school day and watch extracurricular events.”

She is currently getting names of students so she can meet with them. She wants to hear the student side of things. To talk about their issues and try and work to solve them.  She has already had one meeting. “I would hope for that group we could tackle an issue on campus.” At her old school in Arizona, they were able to tackle bullying.

She also wants to hear more student voice. “If students want to schedule an appointment, they just need to go to the office and schedule an appointment,” Sejkora says. A group recently came to her with complaints against Maker Time. Potentially there will be some leniency as a result of that meeting. “Bring your thoughts to the table and be part of decisions at Camas,” she says.

One thing she misses is being an English teacher, is the student-kid interaction. She was an English teacher for 14 years. One of the things she wishes is for kids talked to her more. Sometimes she will talk to them and they will be like “oh, why is the principal here.” She says “I’m here to learn about their day, learn what’s going on. I’m not the bad guy.”  

She loves Camas. She says, “this is the best place I have ever worked, luckily I can say it and mean it.”

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