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Little Free Libraries Around Camas

Countless numbers of people enjoy reading, and these nonprofit little libraries are perfect for students, young children, and even adults. Several people don’t prefer having the idea of a library card because overdue books lead to pricey fines, and requires a lot of responsibility. Some people don’t have the wealth to buy the books they want. Aiden Montigny, a ninth-grade student at Camas states, “I have a lot of overdue library books, that I still haven’t paid off.” This is where the Little Free Library comes inconvenience.

Little Free libraries are mini-libraries, similar looking to a mailbox, it’s filled with many books for all ages. Also, its a nonprofit organization for people who love reading. Random citizens can donate numerous amounts of money so that these assessable, handy libraries can be built.  Outstandingly, here are as much as 75,000 Little Free Library’s placed around the world, in 88 countries. Just in Camas, there are six local Little Free Libraries; there’s one built right across the street from the Liberty Theatre, also by Crown Park, and Lewis Block Park. Drew Hancock a ninth grader at Camas explains, “The little libraries are so helpful since they are in many locations in Camas, every time I have nothing to do, I visit these.”

The way these libraries work are practically give a book- take a book, then once you finish that book, you put it back so that other people can enjoy it, then you grab a new book. “I have picked up and donated many books”.  In addition, there’s also a Little Free Library website where you can donate, shop, or even look at a map to see at locations of these libraries. If anyone ever suspects that Camas should obtain more of these libraries, there are only five steps on how to construct one; identify a location, get a little library, register your library, build support, and add your library to the world map. These tiny libraries help build community and sparks creativity by fostering books that travel around the world. Through Little Free Libraries, millions of enjoyable books are exchanged each year, greatly broadening accesses to books for all ages and backgrounds.   

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