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Homecoming Review

Homecoming has been a high school tradition for years. It is a chance for students to dress up, gather together, and have a night of fun that is free of school responsibilities. People rent limos, get their hair and makeup done, and purchase corsages for their dates (whom they may or may not have asked yet). Between the fun of asking people and the dance itself, homecoming has always been a booming success. So why are so many students blowing it off?

Senior Erin O’Day stated, “I thought homecoming was just okay, I felt somewhat let down.” O’Day continued to say, “I liked the music more than I did the past years. I didn’t like the decorations and the new line system.” O’Day explained. “The theme was cool and very creative. I loved Jimmy’s video and the jellyfish decor was cool.”

“The lines were outrageous and almost took an hour for everyone to get in after the dance started,” O’Day emphasized. She and her friends had gotten there at about 8:30, a half hour after doors opened, and O’Day and her friends didn’t get through the wristbands and ID checking until 9:20. Although it took them a bit to get inside, she explained how she understood why it took so long, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

All in all, O’day suggested that homecoming officials “improve the line system and decorations overall.” She added that in past years, homecoming has been okay, but she would have liked maybe an online song list so that we had more of a variety of songs, but it wasn’t bad.

“It was better this year than past ones,” claimed Mountain View student Cassidy Lankford.

From the students’ viewpoint, homecoming was a bit of a mess and would need some tweaking in order for them to attend again next year. However, when considering events regarding school, the student opinion isn’t the only one we look for. Associate Principal Mr. Fox had some thoughts on the matter as well.

“Homecoming… was really crazy,” Fox said. “We sold over 1000 tickets, like 1024 I think was the total number of tickets that we sold, which is a lot of kids. Last year we sold 954, so to see an increase in the number of students going to the dance, despite the fact that we have the same number of students as last year, is really cool.”

So was the dance really not a success? The numbers tell otherwise. With an increase of people going to the dance, consisting of 1000 plus tickets sold, it would seem that the advertising for homecoming at least was a success. With all the negative feedback from students, there is clearly some change that might need to happen with the dance itself. But as long as there is a homecoming, students will certainly attend, so it is really the choice of the administrators and ASB whether homecoming will be a better experience next year.  

Homecoming overall was good this year. Students still had a blast dressing up, having a night out with friends, and sharing laughs with some of their favorite people. The school although needs better decorations, it wasn’t all bad. the school administration still achieved their goal of putting together a great opportunity for students to come together as one. The ASB team did a great job and the student body, although noticing little changes needing to be fixed for next year, appreciates and still had a great time filled with memories that they will never forget.

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