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ASL: New Projects

ASL 2 is a class many students have taken over the past few years. Since last years ASL 2 teachers have either retired or changed schools, the students now have a new teacher to learn from. Her name is Mrs. Loebs, located in room 908.

This year, and hopefully for the next few years, Loebs has created some new assignments for her students to work on in the months of September-November.

The first one is a not so new project, but a project that has gained more attention this year. On Thursday, September 20th, 2018 students her class participated in Deaf Day. This day is meant to help the students get into the mind of what it’s like to be deaf. They wear ear plugs to cancel out all the sound around them. Leobs was very impressed by the students this year, “[Camas students are] more respectful…” She stated.

Another project the students were apart of is “Social Hour”. In this event, the ASL 1 class joins in room 908 to play some games, with no talking. “Originally we played review numbers game. Then we switched the games part way through the day because the original game we played went a little slow,” Leobs explained. But overall the event went pretty well.

And finally, Leobs started a project revolving around D’via art. D’via (Deaf Visual Image Art) is art that is specifically made by deaf people showing their hardships through their life. Once the students learned of these artists, they either created or recreated some D’via art pieces.

“The presentation works with a skill on how to describe looks/dressing/body positions. With, D’via I like doing some art in the class, because it gives the students who are artists that medium to show their skills, shows off art in the room, and helps people know more culture [deaf culture],” Leobs explained when asked why she chose these projects.

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