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Fall Sports – A Wrap-Up

Here at Camas, the sports teams generally do well. In the Fall of, 2018 nothing has changed. From slow pitch softball to men’s cross-country team, many athletes have been competing at their highest ability all season long.

photo credits Lily Dozier

For the cross country teams, sophomore Tyler Knoeppel stated that “the team as a whole improved their times this season through their effort at practice.” Along with his comment, junior Liz Mazemke said that “the team had a great season because of standout runners in lots of fast underclassmen which will help incoming seasons.”

The cross country state meet will take place on November 3rd.

When it comes to men’s golf, freshman Easton Rheaume says that the team was able to succeed this year because “we really worked on our relationships with each other, building team chemistry.”

photo credits Lily Dozier

This fall, the men’s tennis team continued performing as well as expected. Junior Nate Loucks, who plays for the JV and C teams, says that the team “did really well; varsity only had one loss, and JV is now undefeated for 8 years in a row. The C team is undefeated for 11 years in a row.”

Ashlynn Burgener, a junior at Camas, swims varsity for the women’s swim team. Her favorite thing about this past season has been “going to the meets and watching the girls at the end of the lane cheering everybody on. It doesn’t matter if you’re the last in your heat or if you’re the first in your heat; you can always look at the end of your lane and there are girls from our team standing and cheering you on as loud as they can.” The swim team will continue competing at districts on November 2nd.

As for slow-pitch softball, Sophie Franklin states that “the team did really well when it came to actual league games, but when it came to the post-season, for state, it was not that good.” Although they didn’t place well at state, they will be able to redeem themselves later this spring.

photo credits Brooklyn Craft

Isabella Gieszler, a sophomore at CHS, is the keeper for the varsity women’s soccer team. She says that the team has “had some struggles to begin, with communication and just overall playing as a team, but as [they] got to know each other [they] have become a true family.” Despite what Gieszler describes as a rough start, the team has had many successes this season, losing just 2 of their 16 regular season games and continuing their postseason with Bi-Districts on November 3rd.

Sophomore Makayla Buzzell says that “the team improved on their offense as a whole, learning lots of new plays throughout the season that really helped them to get their wins.” Overall, the team had a very successful season and will be traveling to Kent to compete in Districts on November 3rd.

Camas’ cheer team had a great season this year too. Junior Annika Affleck says that “the team had a lot of fun throughout the season getting closer to each other.” They were able to work together as a team to steadily improve throughout the season.

Tai Tumanovao, a junior at CHS and varsity football player, says that “we weren’t that far from doing really well… It’s just based on your effort and your execution.” When it comes to playoffs, he says that “it was kind of weird; for the first time, you’re not really dominating the other guy but you just kinda have to do your job, and that’s what I really noticed”. Despite not having the strongest season in games, the football team “bonded very well and played really well together” throughout the season.

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