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Library 101

Some students aren’t aware of what the library is used for at Camas High School. At the library, it can really be used for anything, homework, reading, and studying. The library is opened at all time for the most part. You can use the library as a good resource for really anything.  

Image result for camas high school libraryThis year there is a new layout of the library, they got rid of a bunch of furniture and they also got rid of some computer cases throughout the wall. The library this year has ⅔ of the library open for student space so they can work in groups or work by themselves. The library is trying to be a more flexible space by getting a new projector that allows more classes to use the library for class work and other necessities.

The library is the main resource for studying and doing research and the librarians feel like they are not used enough, Mrs. Johnna Christensen says this about that topic, “I would like for us to be used more for students who need help with research and help with assignments.”  If students need so they can ask the librarians any questions about research or assignments. Although the library has had some issues this year. The printers have been glitching out and not working and towards the beginning of the year, they did have an issue with having too many kids coming in with not enough space.

 Students shared thoughts on how the library provides a very great place to get work done, Junior Richie Hawes said, “The library is just a good overall spot for studying reading or anything and it is just a good quiet spot.” Some other students gave reasons on why the Library is beneficial, Junior Ayden Kilde says, “I can go to the library whenever to get work done or print or do anything.” Overall the library is a spot that any students can go to get help with work or just a quiet place to read.

The library is putting on a brand new event this year from February 12 to the 14th, the librarians are hosting a new event called Fiber week. This involves activities such as knitting, learning how to knit and simply watching others knit. Librarian Christensen says, “Fiber week is a great opportunity for students and staff to learn how to learn a new skill and just have a great time with others that share similar activities.” Students shared their thoughts on the new event coming to the library, Sophomore Jared Metscher says, “I think it is really cool what they are doing in the library, I believe learning how to knit is a life skill worth knowing.”

Overall students and staff might have different perceptions on how the library should be used. However, both can agree that the library is a comfortable, home-like environment where students and sometimes staff can get work done. Also, If students or staff are in the library try and say thanks to the librarians, for the countless hours put into making the CHS library so enjoyable.

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