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New Dutch Bros. Coming to Camas

Many teenagers and students in Camas are stoked about the new Dutch Bros that is coming soon in Camas. This popular, fast-growing coffee chain is the largest privately held drive-through, and now they are about to build a new one in Camas. Although students are frantic about this new addition, other small coffee businesses may not feel the same way.

As much as this drive-through coffee chain has been growing, this may become a threat to local coffee shops. For example, countless students and staff pick up coffee on their way to school or work from local businesses like Squeeze and Grind, Cafe Piccolo, or Hidden River Roasters. But are these local underrated businesses going to manage once a well-received, trendy company springs in?

“I am definitely going to start going to the new Dutch Bros as soon as it’s in business” states Sienna Burrows, freshman student at Camas. These are doubtlessly words no competing business would like to hear, especially one that is way more popular. “Squeeze and Grind is just smoothies and coffee, but Dutch Bros has an endless menu.” Dutch Bros has more than 1,000 different drinks and combinations on their menu, while Squeeze and Grind only has about 100. “It will definitely have a negative impact on those smaller businesses, as Dutch Bros is way more popular and will take more of the younger audience,” freshman student Jaden Gillett claims. In fact, Dutch Bros does attract the younger generation, such as High School students. Dutch Bros supplies tons of sugar-filled drinks that interest hundreds of citizens. Their menu consists of any coffee, every flavor of Rebels, tons of frosts, smoothies and any flavor you can think of for tea. Although, the local shops only serve mostly tea, and coffee.

Younger generations tend to enjoy sugary, trendy drinks. If the local shops and businesses are going to want to stay in business, they are going to have to improve their franchise, to satisfy their customers. This new Dutch Bros is conveniently going to be located near the Camas freeway, where the old IQ Credit Union used to be.  In conclusion, the Camas community and students can not wait to see what the new Dutch Bros has to bring.

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