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What’s New with Horror: October 2018

With every year more new movies come out. Specifically, around October, many categorized as horror movies, come out into theaters. But now that the media has started getting big over the last twenty years, people haven’t been going out to movies as often as when they did in the past. Instead, they choose to watch new Netflix movies/tv shows.

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Some movies that have come out this year that aren’t on Netflix, for now, are Venom and Halloween, the remake. As of October 5th, 2018, Venom has been released out to theaters for fans to enjoy. The movie, based on the Marvel comics, is about a Journalist by the name of Eddie Brock who is trying to take down the founder of “Life Foundation.” Brock later morphs with an alien by the name of Venom. So far many viewers have stated that they enjoyed the movie. “It [Venom] was better than I thought it was going to be,” Karli Linne, a Junior at CHS and a big fan of the Marvel comics stated.

As for movies on Netflix that have been recently been released are Malevolent and Ementarri. Malevolent is a movie about a brother and sister who create some paranormal activities to earn money. They later find a real paranormal occurrence that starts to change their life. Since the movie has been out many Netflix users have been unaware of its existence.

Lastly, the TV Shows that have been recently released out onto Netflix are Haunting of Hill House. And some new seasons added are a season two of Riverdale and season eight of American Horror Story. If you are unaware what Riverdale is/ what it’s about, strap in. This very popular teens TV show about a group of High school friends, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead. They live in a small town where almost nothing goes wrong until some murders appear causing the gang to solve them. Since its release date, January 26, 2017, fans have been eagerly waiting for season two. Now that it has been released on Netflix, more and more fans have been watching the show almost as a religion.

Now that October is going to come to an end in a few weeks, look out for some new movies of all different genres coming to theaters in November such as Bohemian Rhapsody, The Grinch, The Nutcracker, and the Four Realms, and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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